Simplest and Best Guacamole!

Once you make this extra easy guac, you will never consider buying it pre-made ever again, and you will find so many wonderful uses for it beyond a tortilla chip–which is amazing in and of itself, of course. On burgers or chicken sandwiches, as a topper for black bean soup, chicken enchiladas, or fish tacos, or with a couple of eggs in the morning, this will be your new go-to condiment. More healthy fats for you! Get smashing!

Guacamole Bite

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Asian-y Pan Noodles

This recipe is one that my husband forced me to write as we were eating the dish! It is super easy and only takes as long as it takes for spaghetti to cook. It’s salty, peanutty and utterly non-authentic to any specific Asian cuisine, so it’s not Pan-Asian Noodles, it’s Asian-y Pan Noodles! Enjoy some homemade takeout, I made this one at 9 pm after our boys were finally both asleep and we had a minute to think…I mean, cook!

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