Orange Spice Tea

This post is dedicated to my brother Rob and all the other family members who bring the drinks! Growing up in a house full of aspiring cooks most certainly has had its advantages for Rob. There was always something new to taste from my mom, my dad, my brother Dan and me. But that also means that sometimes the kitchen is just plain crowded with cooks! Rob is one of the most caring, loyal and dependable people you will ever meet, and just because he often is the one who brings the drinks to the holiday gathering doesn’t mean he is any less appreciated. We are thankful for you Rob! And this delicious tea made me think of you.

The amazing aroma from making this tea will waft through the whole house, warming you instantly!

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Squash Biscuits

These biscuits disappear as soon as you put the basket down on the table, so you may want to consider making a double batch for Thanksgiving dinner! My mom had made them for years, and one Thanksgiving I asked her how she did it. She handed me a tiny Bisquick recipe booklet from 1977 and said, “Here babe, I know it by heart at this point.”  Some recipes just hold up well over the years, what can I say? The little booklet isn’t in bad shape either, maybe I should try the other recipes in it and see…

The great disappearing biscuits.

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Succulent Roast Turkey

One year I saw Alton Brown make a roast turkey on Food Network, and our Thanksgivings were transformed forever! This is a recipe that I look forward to executing every year, and you will love it too. It makes people so happy to taste juicy turkey. My dad even called me one year and put me on his radio show to tell people how I do this. Enjoy it and have a great Thanksgiving! Of course, I’ll be talking to you all before then, but I wanted to give you a head start on thinking about Turkey Day…

Carving it correctly is part of what makes it so good, here are the two turkey breasts carved and ready to eat.

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