French-Inspired Gouters (Small Tastes)

The French really do know how to enjoy a meal! This appetizer will be a hit at your next dinner party, or even just at a romantic dinner for two. I modeled this recipe after an appetizer Mike and I would order at Sel de la Terre, one of our favorite restaurants that unfortunately just shuttered its doors after New Year’s Eve. There are three components: golden roasted garlic, balsamic-drenched braised shallots, and an eggplant-goat cheese spread. Sounds complicated, but is exactly the opposite. Good bread to serve alongside this is a must. Baguette or rustic sourdough boule are great choices. Bon appetit! 

French Inspired Gouters (small tastes)

Left: eggplant-goat cheese spread ingredients in the food processor; Right: balsamic-braised shallots

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Roasted Eggplant Dip

I started making this dip a few years ago when I had a fridge drawer full of vegetables and I needed a recipe that used a lot of them! To my delightful surprise, my kids wanted to skip the pita chips and just get a spoon! Something about the sweet red bell peppers, roasted garlic and tomato paste and the overall creamy texture of this dip makes it appealing to adults and kids alike. This is a great dish to bring to a party and can easily be made ahead of time. 

Eggplant Dip Before

Eggplant Dip After


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