Erin’s Take 5 Cake

My mom has made the desserts for our family birthdays and holidays forever, so in truth, I was never much of a baker until I had my own kids. Let me tell you, I have big shoes to fill and because of that, I am really picky about which baked recipes I would bother making again. This recipe, however, made me so thrilled because I came up with the idea and everyone loved it. The birthday girl might not have been super ecstatic about her will-go-unnumbered birthday this year, but her cake made her smile! 

Have you ever had those Take 5 candy bars? That’s what this is based on: the five ingredients of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, peanuts and pretzels. It’s salty and sweet with some crunch, you have to make this recipe! Oh, and notice I took a little help from the grocery store, I am not ashamed and would do it again!


A candy bar in a're welcome.

A candy bar in a cake…you’re welcome.

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