Pasta with Quick Mushroom White Sauce

Sometimes it is just great to know that you can make a delicious dinner faster than one can be delivered to you, and this is one of those recipes. You can use store-bought fresh pasta such as ravioli, boiled dry pasta of your choice, or even homemade fresh pasta. For busy weeknights, I am currently obsessed with Buitoni’s Wild Mushroom Agnolotti. I was watching Top Chef (in my opinion the best show on TV!) and Richard Blais, one of the eventual champions, was commenting on something they were eating back at the house after a long day of competition as delicious. I paused my DVR and got close enough to the TV to read the label, and it was the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti. I thought, if it’s good enough for a house full of chefs, it is good enough for me! My mom always said I was really easily influenced by advertising! Oh well!

This creamy sauce comes together in less than 20 minutes. Dinner: check.

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