Fresh Tomato Sauce-The Easy Way!

So after three years of belonging to our farm, Powisset Farm in Dover, MA, they finally wore me down with the abundance of tomatoes! I started by trying to use the pounds and pounds of tomatoes in regular salads (literally, we just got 3 weeks in a row of 7 pounds or more each time!). Then came the Caprese salads. And now, I just need to use these guys up!  Forget salads, it’s time to cook them into sauce and use them in every last thing I can think of: pasta and meatballs, tortilla soup, chili, eggplant and chicken parmesan, or just dunk a hunk of bread into it. Before you dismiss this recipe for fear it’s difficult or time consuming, I can assure you it’s really not bad at all, and think of the acclaim you’ll receive! You’ll just smile and say, “Oh, that’s fresh tomato sauce.” And you can also reclaim some of your counter space that previously housed tons of tomatoes…

Our abundance of tomatoes from Powisset Farm

Fresh Tomato Sauce-The Easy Way!
Recipe type: Sauce, Side dish
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: Makes 1½ quarts
This recipe can be doubled or adapted to as many pounds of tomatoes as you have handy. The sauce, after fully cooled, can keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.
  • 7 pounds fresh slicing tomatoes
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 large cloves garlic, pushed through a press
  • Kosher salt
  • sugar
  • Optional special equipment: Immersion blender
  1. Fill your largest stockpot with water and place on high heat until boiling.
  2. Rinse all of the tomatoes and score an "X" in the skin and through just a little bit of the flesh (see photo below). This helps the skin pull away from the flesh to make peeling easy.
  3. When the water boils, drop the scored tomatoes in and let them cook for up to 5 or 6 minutes. Using a large slotted spoon or spider strainer, pull a tomato out when you see the skin peeling away from the flesh and the tomato softening. Remove the tomatoes to a large glass Pyrex lasagna pan or several glass pie plates to spread them out and cool them for 20 minutes or until you can comfortably handle them.
  4. Heat ¼ cup of olive oil and pressed garlic in your largest saute pan on medium heat, until the garlic is fragrant. Work quickly now, it's an important step so the garlic doesn't burn.
  5. Grab a tomato and hold it over the saute pan. Pull the skin away from the flesh and start a trash pile of skin on the side. Grab the tomato by the core, squeezing all of the tomato goodness directly into the pan. That's right, seeds too! Remember, this is the easy sauce! Almost all of the tomato ends up in the saute pan, with just a small pile of skin and hard cores on the side. Repeat this for all of the tomatoes. Season the sauce with a teaspoon of salt and sugar.
  6. Let the sauce cook at a gentle boil on medium-high heat for about 25 minutes, or until it reduces by a third. You can reduce it more if you want, just keep tasting as you go. Taste and re-season with salt and a little sugar if necessary.
  7. You can serve it chunky, or use an immersion blender at this point to make it smooth. (It helps to tilt the sauce to one side of the pan to give a nice deep pool of sauce to blend all at once and reduce splattering.) Enjoy!

This photo shows the “X” scored into the skin to make peeling easier.

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